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Q) How many of each game do you sell?

A) We only ever sell 1, and will never use the source sold again for another project.

Q) Do you sell Android games?

A) All sales of games here are for iOS (Apple) but each project is made in Unity. You will be able to build the Unity project to Android easily.

A) 1. A live game already on the iOS AppStore. 
    2. The Unity source code, all graphics & files associated with the game. 

    3. We will also change the Admob Ad codes before transferring if provided.
    4. The App will be transferred to your developer account with the provided info.

Q) What is included in each purchase in the App Marketplace?

Q) Will you change the Ad Codes before transferring to our developer account?

A) Yes. As long as you provide for us the Admob Ad codes inside the notes section of checkout. If you forget to do so, you can always contact us via the contact form at the bottom of the page with the name of the app

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